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#142 March 2019

Santiago Posteguillo
192 A.D. Many men fight for an empire, but Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife on an emperor, thinks of something much greater: a dynasty. Rome in under the yoke of a crazy emperor, Commodus. The Senate reunites to put an end to the tyrant's rule and the most powerful military rulers are preparing for a coup:
Aurora learns that she has only a few months to live and decides to make a radical change in her life. She meets Sam and his seven-year-old daughter. 
Federico García Lorca 
A previously unpublished volume that presents the unfinished project of the greatest poet of 20th-century Spain: Federico García Lorca. In musical terminology, a “suite” is a composition made up of assorted movements that are nevertheless based on the same key.
Lydia Cacho
Reflections and advice from the mom of a big family: from how to manage order and organization in your house to how to raise your kids without yelling, with creativity, and above all, with joy. 

The voice of lost tales. Ana Cristina Herreros is the creator of Libros de las Malas Compañías
Instituto Cervantes Cultural Activities Spanish Literature and Society in the 90's
This Week Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Amazon 
Antonio Soler receives the 2018 Umbral Prize for best novel, for Sur (South) Umbral’s widow, María España Suárez, hosted the event
Spanish Audiobook Production and Sales Surge
Jennifer Lopez 
American singer, actress, dancer and producer

With the help of her requisite rom-com sidekick (Leah Remini!), she’s able to lie her way into a job interview at a bougie Madison Avenue company, and soon enough she’s reveling in the riches of a skyline office, a carousel of company credit cards, and her very own Manhattan penthouse, all of which she hopefully shares with her cutie-pie boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia..

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Video: Louisiana Channel - Interview with author Javier Marías: Let the Past be the Past

Radio: RNE - El Ojo crítico - El futuro del Español está en América 

TodoLiteratura interviews Spanish author Edurne Portela
 "Ways to be far removed” is the second novel from Basque author Edurne Portela. As in her previous work it deals with domestic violence, but in this instance in a more subtle and refined way, highlighting toxic relations and psychological abuseHer main character, Alicia, lives through this violent situation when she marries Matty.  These are two people that come from different worlds and cultures and end up pitted against each other because they see the world from different perspectives.
Children's Book
Ricardo Alcántara
Being At 14 years old, Nasario believes that his life is unfair and dull. He feels alone and misunderstood, especially in the small town he has lived his entire life. There’s only one way out: leave for far away, to find fortune and return as a success. His initial path will bring him to unique regions and fantastic characters, but the most important lesson is.....


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