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#143 April 2019

Enric Corbera
While many contemporary authors describe that our thoughts create the world, Corbera goes a step further and starts to explain how this happens, giving an orderly and scientific description of the process. It opens awesome horizons for the human mind. Enric Corbera shows us a new way of understanding what we see as reality, ...
As Ambrose Bierce said, “home is the only place open all night”. And in this first novel by David Trueba, the home belongs to the Belitre, a family as numerous as it is absurd. The people who inhabit this book only listen to the voice of their heart.
Estela Chocarro 
A few days after arriving in Cárcar, the birthplace of her grandfather, art professor Rebeca Turumbay begins to receive threats that say the next funeral will be yours. She starts to look into her grandfather's unspoken past and discovers that he might be linked to the murder of a teenage girl in 1945 .
Have you wished that there were 27 hours in a day?. Between children, your partner, parents, the house, and work (without mentioning having any time for yourself), there simply aren’t enough hours!.

Instituto Cervantes In NY - XXVIII Symposium For Children And Young Adult Literature & Book Fair
Spanish children’s authors are a big hit on the world stage
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Antonio Soler y Raquel Lanseros, Critics’ Prize winners
LIJ of Spain: OEPLI 2018 Selection
Peter Dinklage 
American actor and producer

The story of Dinklage resembles that of hundreds of actors who fight and fight for years to survive in the vicinity of cinema, theater and television without finishing the success and suffering to make ends meet. Even so, this New Yorker of pro, refused to be tempted by movies where he would be part of the team of Santa Claus or puppet in the circus.

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Video: ARCE- Sillón Rojo: Interview with novelist and Spanish poet Ernesto Pérez Zúñiga

Radio: RNE - El Ojo crítico - April 23rd, Book Day - Especial Día del Libro 

TodoLiteratura interviews Spanish journalist and writer Jesús Ávila Granados
Jesús Ávila Granados is a renowned journalist and writer from Granada, author of 109 books.His latest work is Senderos con alma [Trails with a soul], an essay collection where he shows us several of the world’s most legendary hidden paths, with a special emphasis on those found in his native Iberian Peninsula. This is an essential tour of some of the most mythical paths in existence, in which we should all know or learn how to lose ourselves.
Children's Book
¡Ahí va! 
Lluis Farré
This book is for those that have recently discovered that stories are made up of words, but are still not capable of decoding what those words mean. These stories have a clear structure and the illustration plays an important role so that readers can sense the narration’s course.


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