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#145 June 2019

Rosa Montero
A selection of the most emblematic interviews by one of the greatest journalists.For Rosa Montero, old interviews are like vintage photographs; they portray time standing still. By reading them at a later time, one often thinks of a lost innocence, of all the things we now know have happened since then but ...
A historical novel of suspense and adventure set in a thrilling era full of science, wonders, and horrors.Jack the Ripper has arrived in Valparaíso. Nolasco Black, the country’s first forensic dentist, is on his trail.
Juan Manuel Santos  
This is the most complete short story that has been written about the long and difficult road traveled to end the conflict with the FARC, the oldest guerrilla in the world. It is the story, not only of the peace process that transformed a country, of its secret contacts, its international implications, .....
Rita Indiana
Argenis Luna, the protagonist, is as much a mythological character as a social outcast. After ten pages of living with him, we understand and love him. His contradictions are ours. 
Journalist and writer María Estévez, tackles the subject of greed in times of war in her first novel
ALA 2019 - The most important trade fair for librarians in the United States showed keen enthusiasm for the Spanish Language
This Week Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Barnes & Noble
José Ángel Mañas wins the 51st Ateneo de Sevilla Prize with ‘La última juerga’ (The Last Hurrah)
38 authors, 76 books, and one goal: that the Madrid Book Fair remain at Retiro Park
Rebel Wilson 
Australian actress, writer, and producer

She is one of the biggest stars of the new Hollywood, Rebel Wilson just made the movie The Hustle with Anne Hathaway that she chooses to shoot in Spain as she was the producer of the movie. With more than a dozen movies coming out, Wilson, who was a sensation with the trilogy Pitch Perfect, confesses her passion for the Spanish culture and her wonderful experience shooting The Hustle in Majorca where she was lucky to meet the Spanish tennis icon Rafael Nadal.

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Video: Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia. La Tertulia histórica talked about  Francisco de Quevedo, a Spanish writer from The Golden Age of The Spanish Literature 

Radio: RNE - El Ojo crítico - Mexican writer Socorro Venegas talks about her new novel "La memoria ardiente" (Páginas de Espuma). 

El Mundo interviews Spanish writer Eloy Tizón (Madrid, 1964)
The writer has just published ‘Herido leve’ (Lightly wounded) (Páginas de Espuma) in which he condenses thirty years of reading and reclaims the “purely pleasurable” role of reading, books and authors.
His work has been translated into several languages, including Finnish and Arabic. Its publishers present this book as a “literary feast for gourmets”. It is expected to be a book which emanates enthusiasm for reading and literature. In the times we are living in, we have forgotten that literature can be, if not a feast, a party.
Children's Book
De grande quiero ser feliz 
Anna Morató García
Six warm stories so children can learn to be happy starting when they’re very young. Very important subjects such as the power of words, the value of things, the attitude towards others, self-confidence, self-esteem, and managing frustration, are explained in a very pleasant and reasonable tone. These are small stories that will help you create a positive environment and prepare them for the future.


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