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#151 Feb. 2020

Alejandro Rosas
More than hated, Cortés has been an unknown character so far. 500 years after the mythical meeting between the Spanish conqueror and Moctezuma II, great Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan, it's time to tell the truth. These pages narrate the great feats of a man thirsty for power, ....
From the mind of basketball legend and Academy Awardwinning storyteller Kobe Bryant comes this radically original portrait of five young basketball players, one enlightening coach, and the awesome transformative power of the game. Book three.
Mariana Palova 
For most of his life, Elisse has been harassed by horrifying creatures that apparently no one else can see or hear. Desperate to flee both from them and from his past, he decides to leave the mystical India, the country where he was a refugee, to dive into the Great New Orleans Sorceress. His only hope? ..
Mariana Henríquez
A father and a son cross Argentina by road, from Buenos Aires to the Iguazu Falls. Its the military regime era, there are controls of armed soldiers and tension in the environment. The sons name is Gaspar and the father tries to protect him from his destiny after his mother died in .....
Upcoming Cultural Events at Instituto Cervantes NY 
"Delibes", an exhibition honoring the Spanish writer one hundred years after his birth
This Week Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Barnes & Noble
Raquel Taranilla wins the Biblioteca Breve award with a novel mocking the excess of information 
10 Best Spanish Books 2020
Renée Zellweger
American actress,  producer and Oscar Winner for  Best Actress in a leading role.
Since her professional semi-retreat, the actress has resurfaced to give us an unforgettable interpretation in the movie «Judy», based on the play by Peter Quilter «At the end of the rainbow». This is a biopic of the legendary Judy Garland, who remembers that we do not have to end Zellwegger's professional career even though she has hardly worked in the last ten years.

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Video: UNED Publisher: Alberto Cañas National Narrative Award  

RTVE - Libros de Arena: Ricardo Menéndez Salmón talks about his book "No entres dócilmente en esa noche quieta"

TodoLiteratura interviews Argentinean writer Maximiliano J. Benítez
Maximiliano J. Benítez was born in Buenos Aires in 1976 and has resided in Madrid since the mid nineties. He carried out diverse studies in the field of literature (Centro Cultural Rojas. Buenos Aires),plastic arts (Garaycochea School), and music (Sindicato Argentino de Músicia). For four years he was one of the managers of an art space on the network: La emboscada de los niños-búho ("The ambush of the owl-children"); in which,....
Children's Book
¡Compórtate como un mono! 
Heather Tekavec & David Huyck
The old zookeeper has no idea how much trouble it will cause when she moves the monkeys into a cage near the picnic and play areas. Now the monkeys can watch the children up close, and they find the children so fascinating that before long, they start behaving just like them!.


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