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#154 May 2020

Miguel Sandín
Clara returns home on her eighteenth birthday to find an unexpected gift: all her possessions stacked outside the apartment. Her mom is kicking her out, giving her the choice between studying fine arts or getting a job. Desperate, she seeks refuge with her father, a perpetually traveling bass player in a symphonic orchestra.
Mentalidad de tiburón 
Manuel Sotomayor 
History has taught us that those who conquer, who create, who invent, and transform the course of life, have all shared a great characteristic: they are unstoppable, once their plan is decided, their goal, their idea, ...
Leticia Ortiz Marín   
A comedy that engages from the first page. The reader will find Kika's personality very charming, captivating and fun. It's a book to enjoy. Totally recommendable. A promising debut for the writer.  Leticia Ortiz reveals herself here as a clever storyteller, handling the threads of comedy with enormous ingenuity, providing readers to rejoice....
Estefanía Fernández
Train Your Eating Habits is a clear and practical guide, with it you will learn what fad diets are and if they are right for you; you will also learn about the different types of sports supplements and how to choose the one that suits you best. With Estefania, you will learn about the basic concepts, ....
Programming Opens Today from Madrid’s Readmagine and Paris’ EDRLab 
Instituto Cervantes at Harvard: The Translation and Interpreting Industry in the United States 
LIBER 2020 Presentation
Two essays on Calvino and Dylan are awarded by Fundacion Lara 
In memory of Concha Espina, the writer who came close to the Nobel Prize
Jennifer Connely
American actress
Snowpierce is inspired by the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige, as well as director Bong Joon-ho's film, a cult drama played by Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton. Melanie Cavill is portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, the train's head of hospitality. and keeping up appearances in Wilford's absence. For Connelly this is the first time she plays a TV show and she told us that was fascinating to invest so much time in a character.

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Video: Book Club Librotea - El Pais - Interview with writer Elvira Lindo     

RTVE - Biblioteca Básica: Alianza Editorial to publish Woody Allen's autobiography "A propos of nothing"

Interview with Jaime Siles on his essay, “Cinco escritoras, cinco escrituras” (Five writers, five writings)
Jaime Siles tells us in this interesting interview why he decided to write about these five great female writers like Maria Teresa Leon, Maria Zambrano, Ernestina Champourcin, Carmen Conde and Clara Janes, who are blessed with a new sensitivity and a different way of looking at the world. He will also talk to us about other female writers of literature that deserve special attention and relevance.  
Children's Book
Una espinita de celos para Marcelo
Kochka | Sophie Bouxom
In this book we will learn some things about jealousy from the story of little Marcelo, who feels displaced after the birth of his little sister.  It includes tips for parents from Louison Nielman, a psychologist, to understand and help children manage their emotions as well as possible.  Whether we are older or younger, we all have a closet full of emotions in our hearts.Moreno.


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