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#155 June 2020

Clara Peñalver 
April Zondervan’s case shocks public opinion: the writer of international success has been found dead, apparently with no signs of violence, in her house in Malaga. Who could have murdered her, if it really is a homicide?.Detective Carol Medina is in charge of the investigation. She takes her job too seriously and often strays from the marked course.
They are not micro because they bear a huge problem on their shoulders.  This is the book that millions of people are searching for on social media. A book that offers the questions and answers that take up so much time.....
Paolo Giordano   
In this extraordinarily elegant work written from lockdown in Italy as the crisis deepened day to day, Paolo Giordano, the internationally bestselling writer of The Solitude of Prime Numbers with a PhD in physics, shows us what this outbreak really is about: human interconnectedness.
Papa Francisco
In this vibrant testimonial, Francis returns to the source of the Christian faith—the teachings of Jesus—but also gives his readers tools that are practical and filled with wisdom about how to live in today’s world, so burdened by consumerism and the constant threat of indifference.
Eduardo Mendoza, winner of the Premio Internacional Histórica Barcino  
Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafón, whose novels include bestseller The Shadow of the Wind, has died at the age of 55 
Liber 2020 will merge on-line and live formats
Virtual Reading Club at Instituto Cervantes NY 
The RAE (Royal Academy of the Spanish Launguage) and EFE News Agency re-launch Fundéu in order to improve use of the Spanish language by the media
Tracee Ellis
American actress
She loves to eat burritos and tortilla Española,  because Tracee Ellis Ross is a truly globe trotter that knows her foods and her personal style. The actress is the daughter of the beloved icon Diana Ross, a star on her own that this summer release the movie High Note. Whether it's the successful lawyer Joan Clayton on Girlfriends or Dr. Rainbow Johnson on Black-ish, her characters always share a common thread of being confident, successful, and self-aware women unashamed of the personal empires they've built for themselves. That theme of personal independence rings true again in Ross's latest role as Grace Davis in The High Note. .

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Video: CGTN America - Carlos Ruiz Zafon: The orchestrator of literature   

RTVE -  El ojo Critico:  We talk about Ni siquiera los muertos, a novel by  Juan Gómez Bárcena and published by  Sexto Piso

TodoLitereatura speaks with Laura Falcó Lara author of “La maldición de la lanza sagrada”, (The Curse of the Sacred Spear), her latest book.
Laura Falcó Lara was born in Barcelona, 1969. She has a Master’s Degree in English and serves as President and Editor of the Prisma Publicaciones Magazines of Grupo Planeta. As well as being an editor, she participates in radio shows such as La rosa de los vientos (The Rose of the Winds) from Onda Cero and also in televisión shows like Hora punta (Rush Hour) in TVE.  She is co-host of El colegio invisible (The Invisible School) also in Onda Cero. 
Children's Book
Miriam Tirado
Tantrums and outbursts bring out the worst in ourselves, even for the most conscious and respectful parents. This book provides lessons on how to interact with children in more effective ways, developing empathy as a fundamental part of growing and better helping their way through life.


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