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#157 Aug.Sept, 2020

Carmen Mola   
The latest phenom of Spanish crime novels returns with an even more revolting, violent, and surprising delivery. Carmen Mola is crime literature’s boldest and most enigmatic author. “No one returns from hell unscathed.” It is the eve of Chinese year, and the year of the pig is about to begin.
Pablo Rivero
Jon has spent twenty years playing a murderer in the longest running television series in Spain and, despite the fact that he has fame and money, he lives so tormented by the character he plays on TV that he decides to leave everything and....  
Dr. Juan Rivera   
Home remedies for today’s woman, by the author of the bestsellers Improve Your Health Little by Little and Holy Remedy. Using the latest research and clinical studies from the best medical institutions in the world, Dr. Juan Rivera reveals the home remedies that he himself recommends to the four generations of women in his family: ...
Agustina Guerrero 
After a happy period dedicated fulltime to motherhood, the time has come for La Volatil to recover her thirst for adventure, and what better way to do that than to travel to Japan with her great friend Loly? Even though her travel companion is the queen of improvisation, La Volatile is a planning machine and has the entire trip....
Isabel Allende, Liber Prize 2020 for the most outstanding Hispanic American author
Manuel Arroyo-Stephens, the incandescent editor, dies at the age of 75  
Spanish-speaking writers are producing ambitious science fiction and fantasy
ReBoot: the future of the publishing industry
How Spanish writer's novel about Eta terror campaign became global hit
Dakota Johnson
American actress and model 
Dakota Johnson, who steals the limelight for her family with her passion for life, the essence of music and, above all, her genuine imposture over fame. She herself is an example of an allergy to public attention and is not lavish in participating in the reality show circus or Hollywood parties. Johnson, who became famous thanks to 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, debuts as the director of a Coldplay video clip where she directs her partner, the musician Chris Martin. 

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RTVE -  El ojo crítico - Books that changed our lives

TodoLiteratura interviews Teresa Espasa, an essential writer of Spanish literature
In this interview Teresa Espasa tells us what she is currently reading and writing. She also answers questions such as, what qualities she admires most in a writer or a friend.
And, to conclude, she shares a poem from the latest anthology she has published, and an additioal unpublished text that demonstrates her great literary talent.    
Children's Book
Las aventuras de Gadita en Cádiz
Carmen Gil
An exceptional work full of poems to recite them at schools, libraries, shows or presentations. A work in which poetry, music, games and magic are mixed. Carmen Gil has more than one hundred books published with prestigious publishers and they have been translated in about twenty languages. She has several national and international awards and prizes to her credit, including one silver and three gold medals.


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