Dairy Scientists to Benefit from New In-Depth Mineral Review
Project #F068: The Future of Probiotics?

Increased Growth for US Beef and Swine Demand in Asia



Dairy Scientists to Benefit from New In-Depth Mineral Review
Dr. Jesse Goff, DVM, PhD and holder of the Anderson Chair in Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University, just released a thorough review that was published in the Journal of Dairy Science. According to an article in The Dairy Site, Dr. Goff"s review examined the minerals used in ruminant nutrition and discussed their mechanisms of absorption.

This review summarized each of the seven macrominerals and other important microminerals, which work together to create a complete dietary nutrient profile for cows. "By understanding the mechanisms involved in movement of minerals from the diet into the blood of the animal, I hope the reader might gain some insight into factors that impair or enhance mineral utilization by animals," Dr Goff said.

Already, this review has been gaining praise and is considered a "foundational piece of scholarship." Dr. Beede, PhD, a professor emeritus of Michigan State University's Department of Animal Science, is quoted as saying, "This invited review is a go-to reference for mineral nutrition and dietary factors affecting fundamental physiology and mineral status of the animals serving mankind." You can find the link to the review here.
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Project #F068: The Future of Probiotics?

According to USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation, the future of probiotics looks brighter. Project #F068 is a study called "Validation of In Vivo Selective Cultivation of Probiotic Communities via Serial Transplants of the Chicken Cecal Microbiome."

The study was conducted by Dr. Brian Oakley of Western University of Health Sciences. It shows that there might be a new method to introduce probiotics and build resistance for poultry. Serial transfers of intestinal matter from two-week old birds to newly-hatched chicks provided a "relatively stable source of inoculum." The immune responses, growth, and pathogen resistance of the chicks that received the inoculum were monitored and compared to chicks exposed to a "diverse environmental community," which is typical in commercial poultry.

Results showed that the new mode of transmission may have beneficial effects. The project will require further study to understand the nature of the mechanisms that are driving the effects observed by researchers. You can read more about Project #F068 here.


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Increased Growth for US Beef and Swine Demand in Asia
It's been a good year so far for both beef and swine industries. Global Meat News recently shared an exciting update. Apparently, U.S. beef and pork exports grew in January!

U.S. beef exports reached 105,486 metric tons in January. That is up 9% year-over-year. The export value of this commodity grew 21%, which translates to $624.4 million. Meanwhile, U.S. pork exports in January totaled 203,488 metric tons, which is steady with last year's volume. Even so, export value of pork exports have increased, hitting 7% at $545.6 million.

The rise in demand for our meat in Asian markets seems promising. U.S. meat exports are gaining even more popularity in Japan, with our beef exports to the country increasing 7% from last year in January. An increase of 12% to South Korea was also reported, with the export value increase at 34% at $122.3 million.

U.S. pork exports continue to do well. As of January, pork exports increased by 11% at 35,048 metric tons with the export value increase of 17%. In South Korea, the same increase (17%) was noted as of January with value growth of 20%. Here is a link to the full article from Global Meat News.

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